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Pack of 2 Maternity Voile Tights 1 black + 1 beige

Perfect for accessorising your springtime look! Thin, flat waistband specially designed for pregnancy. 2 beige maternity tights or 1 black + 1 beige. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWOrder the same size you were before your pregnancy, our Colline maternity wear takes your new shape into account. 88% polyamide, 12% elastane. ยป Check Price Now!

Imitation Denim Body-Shaping Maternity Leggings blue dark wasched

What a good idea! These maternity leggings have the almost magical power to shape your legs and butt! Maternity body-shaping leggings Very wide snug panel in stretch fabric These leggings offer maximum comfort and their stretchy fabric sculpts your legs perfectly Inside leg 31″ (78 cm) Hem width 11 cm PLUS DETAILS: Order your usual

Long Maternity Leggings black

Ultra-practical under a tunic or dress these leggings are super-comfortable! Very comfortable flat panel especially designed for pregnancy. Inside leg approx. 70 cm. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:Order the same size you were before your pregnancy our maternity clothing takes your new shape into account.Still unsure of your size? Take a look at our guide

Post Pregnancy Body sculpting Leggings black

Barely there! These leggings visibly reshape and sculpt your figure instantly! A combination of polyamide and elastane visibly redefines your figure shaping your curves beautifully and sculpting your legs hips and tummy. Flat waistband for comfort. Inside leg approx. 57 cm WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWFor more products from our body sculpting range take a

Pack of 2 pairs of opaque Maternity tights grey medium solid

Fully cover the tummy with a special wide maternity waistband absolutely essential during pregnancy. Choose your colour for these maternity tights: pack 1 (1 black and 1 grey) or pack 2 (1 black and 1 taupe) and complete your wardrobe. TIP : Order the same size you were before your pregnancy our maternity tights take